Stick Guide


The Bow of a hockey stick identifies the position of the arch in the stick shape. If you place the flat side of the stick on a plain/flat surface and the measurement of distance between the surface and the upper edge of the stick is know as the bow.
Underneath you'll find the different bows OSAKA HOCKEY has in it's range.


Unlike a lot of equipment, a player could play using the wrong hockey stick for years and not be aware of it. Although a few options are left to preference, there are some simple guidelines to follow when buying a stick.

In the past, sticks were made from wood. Although wood sticks are still used by some, the majority of sticks are made from some type of composite material. 

The more beginner hockey players mostly kids can starts off with a 100% fibre glass stick. They are light, flexible and not expensive and come in small sizes with thinner handles. The 1PTKConcept Series, and ProTour Deshi are ideal.

Intermediate hockey players will have a bit more strength and will ask more of their stick therefore carbon is added to provide additional stiffness to generate greater power behind the stick. The 2 Series3 Series4 Series and the 5 Series will feed your need.

For ultimate touch, balance, power, and ball control, the stick of choice of advanced hockey players has always been the full carbon sticks. The light and superlight sticks are a delight to play with. 22 layers of 3K Japanese Carbon Fibre, laid down in alternating orientations result in the optimal balance of stiffness and touch while offering a unique Osaka feel. The different bow types each have their own characteristics, which ultimately will be decided by the type of player that you are...or want to be.  One thing is for sure, our ProTour and ProTour Limited ranges will lift you to the next level.